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Keeping the crowd happy, the drinks flowing and controlling expenses drives your revenue and profits. You need an easy-to-use yet comprehensive Point-of-Sale (POS) system that can keep pace with your fast moving
business. You also need to be sure that the system is easy for bartenders and servers to use and the reporting and management tools control inventory, theft and waste. Restaurant Manager™ Bar & Nightclubs delivers the speed customers expect, the features bartenders want and the security you need. The POS software makes service faster and billing more accurate. In addition, Bar & Nightclub can seamlessly integrate with other functionality for Restaurant Manager Table Service or Restaurant Manager Carry-Out if needed.

Restaurant Managers who use this POS software benefit from:

Automatic Price Scheduling: Schedule happy hour promotions or appetizer specials to make sure
you collect the right amount at the right time.

Age Verification: Reads all valid government issued ID Cards or driver’s licenses; protect your staff
when serving liquor.


Speedy Transaction Times: One touch “next round” ordering, quick tab pre-authorizations, finding
an open tab to add or settle, and easy tab transfers deliver speed customers have come to expect.


Real-time Alerts: Maximize your management impact. For example, an alert will identify a big spender
so you can provide personalized service or move them to a high-margin VIP area.


Recipe Look Ups: Give bartenders instant access to drink recipes from the bartender’s bible.
Back Office Reporting – Robust reporting helps you make better business decisions.


Digital Signage: Display menus, daily specials and multi-media marketing messages promote high
margin items, events and more.

Other Bar & Nightclub users take advantage of these optional services:

Turn Paper and Pencil into Profits

Once you have the traditional Restaurant Manager POS, seamlessly add RM Handheld functionality to allow bartenders take orders:

Lower labor costs as fewer servers can cover more tables

Improve customer satisfaction by reducing the error of
credit card fraud


Increase revenue as faster service allows bartenders to more
efficiently promote an extra round of drinks or dessert

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