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Scan To Order

Take BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to the next level.

Scan To Order is an innovative self-service solution from Global Restaurant POS that empowers guests to place Dine-In orders with their own cellphone! Not only can they see your menu, customers can order from it, and pay – sending the order into your POS system and printing items to the bar and kitchen for preparation. Your staff know exactly what table they are ordering from and when the drinks and food is ready they can text customers for pickup or deliver it to the table, depending on your service model.


Scan To Order Works With Three Easy Steps:

  1. Guest opens their cellphone camera and scans the QR Code at their table

  2. Guest places their order and pays

  3. Guest waits for their food and beverages to arrive at their table


Increase Sales With Automatic Up Selling

The Scan to Order self service POS solution includes automatic suggested selling to help increase restaurant check averages. Global Restaurant can be programmed to automatically prompt the guest if they would like to add beverages, sides, or desserts when the order is missing those items at checkout. The Global Restaurant Cloud POS allows you to program a variety of different suggestions by times of day and days of week. Automated suggested upselling can have a significant positive impact on increasing a restaurant’s annual sales.


Turn Tables Faster

By putting the guest in control, tables can turn faster because customers order when they are ready, not when staff finally visit the table. This keeps staff on their toes running food and beverage out to tables, and maximizes the kitchen capacity.


Reduce Labour

If half the work is done by the customer it only stands to reason that a restaurant can increase their service bandwidth without having to increase their labour cost.


Receive Orders Automatically

Orders sent with Scan To Order are instantly routed to the Point of Sale, Kitchen Printers, Bar Printers, and Kitchen Display System (KDS) so that your staff are able to take action and put the orders together.


Text When Ready

Once the order is ready, your service staff can deliver the food directly to the customer. If you have an order and pickup model, you can text your guest when the order is ready so they know to come and pick it up!

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