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Take Out & Delivery (Pizza)

Fast Service with Food that is Prepared Right – the First Time

Perfect for takeout or delivery


Quickly serving customers, managing special orders, sending accurate orders to the kitchen and getting the order out the door requires the right POS functionality. Whether employees are manning the phones, working
the counter, preparing orders or expediting delivery, they need an intuitive POS user tailored to prompt them through their specific job tasks quickly, easily and accurately. Restaurant Manager™ Takeout & Delivery POS
provides restaurant owners with management controls and information regarding menu mix, inventory, sales, time and attendance, payments, and marketing options.

Restaurant Managers who use this POS software benefit from:


On-screen Ordering: One intuitive screen allows employees to select various options to customize
an order. Pizza restaurants benefit from the fact that one interactive screen handles it all – from size,
crust, toppings to specialty and combo orders. This keeps the employee focused on the customer – not the
computer. In addition, the POS system offers a built-in customer database that allows you to track order
history, driving directions, birthdays and email addresses to quickly and accurately fill orders.

Order Tracking: Orders are labeled with the customer name and phone number at the call station,
marked with the elapsed time at the expediter station, and sent out with the driving instructions and map
code at the driver station. Restaurant Manager’s POS system also offers an alarm feature that identifies all
orders that aren’t out the door within a specific amount of time.

Smart Reporting: Restaurant Manager’s robust reporting package provides real-time sales metrics,
delivery sales and a host of other sales-related data, allowing you to spend more time running your
business. Information on voids, VIP customers or an employee nearing overtime can be set to automatically
alert you via your cell phone or email, allowing you to ACT instead of REACTING to current events. Imagine
the money your business can save just by managing your overtime more efficiently.

Other Takeout & Delivery users have taken advantage of these optional services:

Loyalty Club

Customer loyalty programs are a great way for
pizza, delivery and carry-out establishments to
increase revenues and generate more repeat
business. Combine a program with powerful
promotion and coupon capabilities to target
specific customer segments or increase the
average spend of your regular customers.

Online Ordering

If your business isn’t online today, you are
losing sales. Period. Increase check averages
and profits by 15%-40% over traditional
phone orders. Eliminate ordering errors due to
miscommunication, reducing both waste and
costs. Restaurant Manager’s Online Ordering
is tightly integrated into your Restaurant
Manager™ POS and mobile ordering is included!

Kitchen Display Monitor (KDS)

KDS can help eliminate the “paper trail” clutter
that is prevalent in many kitchens. Used in
conjunction with selected kitchen printers, it canincrease efficiency, speed and order accuracy. Orders come out of the kitchen rapidly, helping turn tables faster or get orders delivered quicker. Metrics provide owners with detailed information on where bottlenecks happen and how toeliminate them.

Inventory Control

Create receipts that link to inventory items to
menu items; track exact item quantity sold by
customer count or by day. Restaurant Manager’s “Counters” feature allows you to easily trackhigh-dollar items (steaks, lobster, dough-balls)that are often the target of internal theft or“sweethearting.”

Advance Ordering

The POS system can store an order and
automatically send it to the food prep area
to guarantee timely delivery. Combined with
Restaurant Manager’s Online Ordering, you can
reduce the number of phone calls during busy
hours by promoting this service to your customers.


Turn Paper and Pencil into Profits

Once you have the traditional Restaurant Manager POS, seamlessly add RM Tablet functionality to allow employees that are working the phone to also take orders from tables or line busters:

Improve customer satisfaction with an increase in speed of

Lower labor costs as fewer counter workers can cover more


Increase revenue as faster service allows wait staff more time
with customers to efficiently promote specials and complementary or high value menu items


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