Write-On Handheld

Mobilize Your Wait Staff and Empower

Management with the Write-On Handheld

POS System

Equip servers with a Write-On Handheld and watch how efficiently they can work to boost your bottom line. Management improves, too, when business decisions are based on automated alerts and real-time reports delivered directly to a handheld device.

Whether you serve customers in a full service restaurant, by the pool or in a busy nightclub wireless tableside ordering and payment processing can increase your sales, enhance the productivity of your servers and, ultimately, increase customer satisfaction.

The time-consuming process of handwriting an order and walking to a POS Station to re-key it becomes obsolete when servers are equipped with the Write-on Handheld.

The Write-On Handheld is an app that runs on a variety of wireless handheld devices, including the iPod Touch. The Write-On app works seamlessly with the Restaurant Manager POS System so servers can take orders and process payments right at table side, using intuitive abbreviations and other common text messaging techniques.

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