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Online Ordering

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Direct from the Web to Your Kitchen –
Building Sales and Reaching More Customers


Want to effectively open a “new location” without much cost? Restaurant Manager’s™ fully integrated Online Ordering generates new revenue streams, provides your customers with an easy and convenient way to place orders and helps increase sales while reducing labor costs. Restaurants everywhere are using Online Ordering to:

  • Increase average ticket sale amounts by 25 - 35%

  • Reach the 78% of US households that purchase at least one carryout or to-go order per month

  • Reduce labor costs associated with handling phone-in orders


You also benefit from a fully integrated solution that enables menu management from one place, eliminates costly third party providers and ties all of your reporting and management together through Restaurant Manager.

Providing Solutions to Real Business Problems

Restaurant Manager focuses on critical business issues facing today’s restaurant owner. With Restaurant Manager you get the fully-integrated functionality to solve the business issues, as well as the expertise to meet your unique business needs and goals.

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The Functionality You need

Compete against the large chains that are all providing customers with an ability to order online. The Online
Ordering module provides you with a fully integrated solution to implement, manage and run a powerful sales
channel – webbased ordering.


Menu Management: You can easily update your menus – both online and within your POS – from one place.
Most other non-integrated solutions require you to add, delete or update items through multiple interfaces.


Save time and eliminate the need to learn two interfaces. Plus you can also easily set pricing, items or specials
to automatically change depending on time of day, which is especially useful if you offer lunch and dinner menupricing.


Advance Ordering: Give customers the ability to order whenever they want, 24 hours a day. You can take a
lunch order for the next day or the next week then have it automatically send the order to the kitchen at the right time. Of course you can set Online Ordering to indicate if you are presently open and filling orders, as well accept multiple payment methods including online payment.

Robust and Integrated Reporting: As a fully integrated system Restaurant Manager ties together all of your
operational reporting. You can set Online Ordering as a separate revenue center and easily report on all your
operations from one location. There is no need to access different systems – one for your online channel and one for your POS – in order to access your reports.

Speed to Market: Restaurant Manager helps with the entire set-up, configuration and launch process. We make
getting started a snap and make available a variety of Marketing Services to drive customers to your ordering
website. In addition, if you use Restaurant Manager as your POS solution there is no new software and very little
training required.

Order Notification: In addition to orders flowing through your Restaurant Manger POS solution, notifications
can also be sent to fax, email and cell phones via SMS text messaging to ensure orders are captured. Managers can also use the email and text messaging capabilities to monitor ordering volume.


Leverage Other Restaurant Manager Capabilities: Use Online Ordering in conjunction with Promotion and
Couponing features. Your online ordering Administrative Portal also allows you to EXPORT all of your captured
customers data. Restaurants that use an email service for sending out E-blasts or other promotional emails, can then IMPORT the email addresses that the online ordering service captures.

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