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Quick Service Restaurant

Focus on the Customer, Not the Computer

Speed, Accuracy and Reliability


Let’s face it … getting the order right while minimizing errors, up-selling the customer and easily processing coupons puts the “quick” in quick service. Now picture this … there are two new trainees at the counter,
15 customers in line, three cars at the drive-through and a food delivery coming in the back door. Most restaurant managers would say that this is a challenging situation to say the least. Slow or incorrect service equals minimal return customers. You need an easy-to-use and reliable software solution working in the background to help you keep your restaurant running smoothly.


Restaurant Manager™ Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) is comprehensive POS software that helps you increase revenue, decrease costs and improve efficiencies. It focuses on critical business issues facing today’s restaurant owner. With Restaurant Manager, you get robust operational functionality, and the information needed to solve real business issues and ensure return business.

Restaurant Managers who use this POS software benefit from:


Operational Flexibility: Large, colorful screen buttons can be easily programmed with Restaurant
Manager. This makes it easy for servers to fill customer orders quickly and sends instant, accurate and
legible information to the food prep staff.


Quickly Trained Employees: Intuitive software interface means new employees can easily get up-to speed,
which is important in this high-labor turnover industry.


Cross- and Up-Selling Capabilities: Prompts cashier to sell additional items like drinks, side orders
and desserts, increasing revenues.


Customer-Focused Functions: Flexible ordering options allow customers to place special orders
without slowing down the ordering time. Automatically tracks orders to group eligible ‘combo’ items

Increased Sales Options: Delivery and take-out capabilities provide restaurants with operational, management and reporting features. These features manage additional sales options that increase business opportunities.

Other Quick Service users have taken advantage of these optional services:

Online Ordering

Gives customers the convenience they want
while managing your entire menu from one place.

Customer Loyalty

Promotes special offers to customers and tracks
the way they earn and redeem points for their

Coin Dispensers

Speed up service and allow for easy cash

Order Confirmation Display

Ensures accurate orders, increased order
throughput and customer satisfaction.

Promotions & Coupons

Create compelling promotions to bring in more guests and improve food and labor costs.

Inventory Control & Stock Counters

Comprehensive or simple management of
inventory resources.

Kitchen Display Monitors

Paperless, accurate management of customer orders on the kitchen line with complete performance metrics.

Gift Cards

Increase your sales and expand market reach to
web-based or in-store.

Turn Paper and Pencil into Profits

Seamlessly add RM tablet to your Restaurant Manager system with traditional POS workstations, to increase the operational flexibility of your POS system:

Enable staff to aggressively bust lines at the counter and drivethrough

Give managers access to important operational information
via cell phone, email or PDA

Upsell to increase revenues when line busting is in use, counter
staff has the time to upsell to increase revenues

Lower labor costs as fewer counter workers can cover more


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